Yo! Sushi Review

Yo! Sushi Review

A British business person called Simon Woodroffe bought Yo! Sushi from his own personal savings in 1977 and brought the traditional Japanese conveyor belt to the United Kingdom. In these restaurants, you will get a range of various sushi dishes and other Japanese made meals that are prepared in an open kitchen where customers can view how their food is made. Today Yo! Sushi has more than 80 restaurants around the world serving more than 90 different meals and the majority of these in the United Kingdom. Other locations that Yo! Sushi restaurants are also found in United States, Russia, Ireland and the Middle East Dubai, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Some of the pros and cons related to Yo!Sushi restaurants are


  • There one of the best sushi makers in the UK
  • Most of the restaurants are found in good prime locations
  • Good selection of the meals on offer on the belt
  • Workers are friendly, polite and strive to give the customers the best of their service
  • Very beautiful restaurants, the kind of exterior complements the restaurant and they are clean
  • Portions vary depending on the restaurant but most likely you will get a fair deal
  • In most restaurants, the sushi is more traditional than many other food outlets
  • The prices are customer friendly compared to other Yo! Sushi competitors
  • They have the best fresh seafood you can get
  • Quality, healthy food is a guarantee and value for your money as well



  • The restaurants are not that spacious, and most of them are tiny
  • Most of their sushi does not meet the customer’s expectations in relation to taste, and it’s disappointing to be served with a good looking sushi that turns to be tasteless
  • The staff service is questionable since some of them are not that friendly to customers
  • Prices are a bit high while the portions sizes are small

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