Tesco supermarket Review

Tesco supermarket Review

This United Kingdom based international grocery, and general merchandise merchant is the 3rd and 5th largest company measured by profits and revenues respectively. The man behind Tesco and the founder is Jack Cohen who opened the first store in 1931 and by 1940 he had more than 100 stores in the UK. Today the company has changed dramatically starting with diversifying their services from grocery retailer to clothing, electronics financial services, internet services, mobile services, furniture and even retailing books. Here are the pros and cons linked to Tesco.


  • The food is of great quality and tastes fresh and nice.
  • The staff are very respectful, usually polite and attend to customers in a friendly manner
  • The good thing about Tesco is that it has 24 hours service
  • Most of the shelves in Tesco stores are well stocked, and every day there is an attendant who is arranging them and restocking
  • The prices at Tesco are very reasonable, and you will get value for your money
  • Their selection of fresh produce is excellent
  • At Tesco, you will not lack a trolley since they are in plenty
  • There is a customer service desk available where one can deliver a complaint
  • There are self-service tills which are available to customers and a staff to assist you
  • Great range of food options for you
  • They are open 24 hours a day
  • Tesco stores have everything you could want from clothes, computers, television and a lot more
  • In all their stores there are lots of parking space available




  • There no available baskets for customers who want to shop for small items.
  • Delivery charges are way up compared to other competitors
  • Some items are overpriced
  • The stores are overcrowded
  • When shopping for clothes, this is not the best place to shop

Poor delivery service and customer service is not that excellent

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