Sky Review

Sky Review

This is one of the best internet providers in the United Kingdom that enjoy nearly 30 % of the market share. It has been growing its coverage over the years, and if you’re your looking for a truly unlimited internet connection that is great for gaming, movie streaming or business running then Sky internet is a great choice. But before making up your mind do examine these the pros and cons associated with this internet provider.


  • Extensive coverage

Sky net has covered more than 17 million homes in the United Kingdom, and they are expanding their services every day to more people. They have also offered their customers thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots available within their network coverage areas which they can access through Sky Wi-Fi application.

  • Valuable features

Their internet security software and sky broadband shield is one extra valuable feature which protects the customers from malware attacks and cybercriminals when they’re online. It’s also helpful to parents who are concerned with what their children are accessing online as they can be able to limit them on children unfriendly sites.

  • Perfect for gamers/ Movie streaming

If you love gaming and streaming 3d and 4k videos, then sky broadband will give you the best experience. This broadband provider is excellent than many other internet providers.

  • Short contracts

Many ISP providers have a contract with their customers that goes between 18 to 24 months but on sky you sign up for 12 months contract only both on fibre package and on broadband package

  • Truly unlimited downloads

Some of the broadband providers in the broadband world are misusing the term unlimited, however, on the case of sky, they have truly kept their word. They have real unlimited internet usage which doesn’t have any hidden usage caps or presence of traffic management. This means you’re free to download as much content as possible without worrying of penalties and hidden costs


  • Their exists others with higher speeds

They might have the speeds of fibre services, but there are other internet providers who offer higher speeds such as virgin media who have 200 Mbps.

  • They charge installation fee

When installing the fibre unlimited, you will be charged £39.

  • Speeds vary

Speeds also vary depending on your location and routers are affected by the home environment as well

  • Prices may go up during your contract

Prices are subject to change during your contract, and only the company can determine that while the customers have no influence on that

  • Unlimited service is not available everywhere

For those individuals outside sky network, you can only subscribe to Sky broadband connect alone. You will also face another setback of network management policy which is similar to traffic management.

  • Public Wi-Fi is limited too

Compared to BT which has more than 5 million hotspots in the whole country sky has few ones not exceeding 30,000

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