Pret A Manger Review

Pret A Manger Review

Founded in 1984 by Jeffrey Hyman and opening its very first shop in 1986 Pret A Manger is one restaurant in the UK that is mostly popular for its organic coffee and milk. The owner decided to create a different restaurant that identifies itself with homemade, natural foods, unlike its competitors who deal with food that has preservatives and additives. Today the business has grown from a single business to over 300 Prets worldwide mostly found in UK, USA, Russia China, and Japan. However irrespective of the healthy menu they give to their customers they cannot lack a few demerits in addition to merits as well. Check them below.


  • Pret A Manger has wide selection of choices to customers since they offer salads, cakes, coffee, sandwiches, sushi, soups, coffee and still there is more
  • They do also sell healthier meals to customers in addition to the coffee they are known for
  • The staff are nice, super friendly and very concerned about what customers want hence one get a personalized serviced
  • Overall if you’re looking for a nice experience, Pret A Manger is the place to head to
  • In all their restaurants they usually observe cleanliness. Tables get cleaned as soon as the customer leaves hence eliminating the possibility of the next customer to find an untidy table
  • The restaurant layout and décor selection is classy and gives the shops an amazing view
  • Their food is relatively healthy than the ones found in other competitor joints
  • They usually quantify the quantity of calories, fat, and sugar just next to each item in the menu hence customers are aware of what their ordering how healthy it is



  • The prices of what they are serving customers are overpriced compared to other similar restaurants
  • The packaging of some food products such as salads it’s not worth the money you pay for. Other competitor restaurants offer more for less money
  • Sometimes they don’t have fresh farm products even though they emphasize how much they observe this
  • The quantity of their meals is smaller than other places.

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