Poppies Restaurants Review

Poppies Restaurants Review

This restaurant it’s renowned for its fast food delicious meals in the United Kingdom. The man behind the Poppies restaurants started his long journey career in 1952 as an attendant who used to cut newspaper to wrap up fish and chips to customers. 30 years as an employee was enough time to get enough experience and establish the first branch of Poppies and today there more than 50 poppies restaurants in the UK serving more than 20,000 customers every day. The pros and cons associated with the restaurants are


  • The customer care is excellent, and they usually serve their clients like professionals
  • They usually do deliveries, and their delivery service is efficient
  • The meals are made by skilled top notch chefs since they taste very delicious
  • Best place for fish and chips
  • The interior décor is amazing making the place look extra beautiful which gives the customers a relaxed feeling
  • They usually close the business late at night thus you can catch a bite even at midnight
  • There takeaway packing is environmentally friendly and classy as well
  • For such a restaurant offering high-quality foods the prices are pocket-friendly, and you will certainly get value for your money.
  • Their customer care desk is efficient and very fast to act on customer complaints



  • You might encounter a lazy staff who might delay your order
  • The portions are not that big in relation to the money you spend
  • The restaurants’ are a bit small in size and during peak hours you will have a hard time securing a seat.
  • They usually don’t have a broad range of selection of meals

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