Plusnet Review

Plusnet Review

This Yorkshire based internet provider is one of the major giant leading internet providers in the whole of United Kingdom. Its huge market share signals quality and reliability among the UK population. Plusnet just like any other internet provider has both merits and demerits associated with the services they offer. So it’s important to evaluate all the pros and cons before making your final decision.


  • The broadband plans are unlimited

All Plusnet home-based plans have no limit to how much internet you can use in a day or a month. You can stream an unlimited number of movies, download an unlimited number of series and surf all day as you wish. Note traffic management applies.

  • They have the best UK upload speeds

The upload speed is the key to how fast you can send a video or any other file via the internet. Plusnet offers customers up to 76 Mbps upload speeds which is the highest compared to all other ISP providers.

  • Broadband + Phone = free activation

When you pick a package that has both the internet and a phone plan you’re entitled to free activation. You also get in addition a broadband router.

  • Good customer care

Plusnet has one of the best customer support services you will ever get compared to other internet providers in the United Kingdom.By calling customer support your charged nothing.No wonder they have worn several awards in customer service category.

  • Availability of a line rental saver

This sole purpose is to help customers save money when they pay 12 months upfront other than each month.

  • Prices of packages are pocket-friendly

Compared to other internet providers in the market Plusnet has very cheap packages in most of their plans. They also offer free McAfee security software to keep your online presence secure. Orange is a competitor.



  • Prices vary with location

For those customers in less urbanised areas they usually tend to pay more for the broadband. For those people in populated towns and major cities, they usually pay less.

  • Traffic management applies

Plusnet it’s not 100% unlimited since they have traffic management system. Instead of slowing the speeds it slows the online activity and individuals who play games, movie stream, and video chats are affected.

  • You require line rental if you want a broadband only package

Irrespective of whether you use landline still you will have to pay line rental which adds the monthly cost for the broadband.

  • An activation fee is applicable on broadband only

Broadband only packages is quite expensive since you even require to pay an activation fee too.

  • Relocation attracts a charge

If you decide to relocate from your older house to a new house, Plusnet will charge you extra cash by moving your internet to your new home.

  • Long contract

18 months contract is too long compared to other providers who just require 12 months contract or even lesser months.

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