Orange Internet the UK

Orange Internet the UK

EE is the owner of United Kingdom most largest mobile network covering 82% of UK population. The company delivers the fastest 4G mobile internet speeds in the whole of United was a merger between Orange and T-Mobile hence the wide market share. This company offers mobile internet services in the UK and here are the pros and cons related to the company and their services. The company competes with TalkTalk and Tesco. Plusnet is another competitor.



  • Best UK 4G coverage. It is the only company with better 4G network across the United Kingdom. Nearly more than 600 United Kingdom cities and towns have been covered with the network that’s an average 85% of the total population. Thus means you cannot lose a network coverage in most areas in the UK.
  • Fast mobile internet. With speeds of 4G, EE has the fastest mobile internet speeds in the UK which goes up to 22 Mbps. With such speeds browsing over the phones, streaming of movies and other high data usage activities becomes quite easy.
  • Security is a priority. As an EE customer, you are entitled to a free 12-month notion online security service that will protect you from spyware, malware, viruses and other cyber related crimes.
  • Extra incentives. They provide a free router which is about £170, and you can make free calls to UK landline numbers during off-peak hours.
  • Unlimited texts. Everyone loves texting especially the youths and when you are on EE monthly plan or any sim only you’re entitled to unlimited texts.
  • Shareable contracts. For those individuals with multiple devices, EE has a sharable contract which in turn leads to saving of money.
  • You can use your data for tethering. Your mobile phone can turn in a router since EE allows customers to tether hence helping you to share the internet with your other devices. In addition, the data is not capped.




  • 4G speeds are limited to some users. For those people who live outside the city, they usually don’t have access to Double 4G speeds and 4G plus which are only available to residents who live in central London.
  • There are no unlimited data options. It is ironic how they usually offer very high speeds but the maximum data allowance allowed on data sim package is 16GB, 20GB, 32 GB and 50GB per month.
  • Customer service is below average. The customer satisfaction of EE over the years has scored below 67% which is a bit sad since the industry average is 72 %. Other customer services such as O2, Vodafone and Three are much better in relation to customer service.
  • Traffic management. They do run traffic management system which is a significant disadvantage to heavy data users.

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