Morrisons Review

Morrisons Review

Another review today. This is the 4th largest supermarket in the whole of United Kingdom. William Morrison is the founder of this giant supermarket in 1899 though he started it as a small store specializing in egg and butter products. Today Morrison’s has more than 570 superstores in the United Kingdom serving both millions of customers in their stores and also on home delivery service. They usually deal with food and grocery and due to their excellent services they have been recognized by several awarding bodies such as International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards, Retail Industry Awards,

Caravan Achievement Awards, Corporate Engagement Awards, EBLEX England’s Best Burger Challenge and others. However just like any other retailer their some pros and cons associated with the services offered. They are


  • Very well trained professional chefs who cook meals that are tasty and delicious.
  • They have the best competitive low prices that you can’t get anywhere else and its rare prices of products to shoot up
  • The supermarkets are bright clean and well organized hence you feel good shopping in such an environment
  • Most of the things in the store are in the places that one can easily and expects to find them. Navigation in the supermarket has been made easier since there are signs above every aisle pointing where each and every item in a particular category is located
  • The range of foods in the store is brilliant
  • If you love chicken and fresh baked meals head over to Morrisons
  • They have a large workforce thereby eliminating the possibility of queuing for long
  • The staffs are very supportive and will assist you with all your shopping difficulties


  • They have not yet implemented online shopping which in today’s world that is how customers are shopping
  • Sometimes you might find empty shelves
  • Since not everyone is perfect, you might find some staff who are very rude and unhelpful in some of Morrisons stores
  • You might find some of the items here overpriced compared to other competitors stores

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