Marks and Spencer Review

Marks and Spencer Review

Marks and Spencer are one of the biggest giants in retail in the United Kingdom with their headquarters based in Westminster London. The retailer was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spenser. The multinational retailer specializes in selling of superfluity food and wine, flowers and gifts, home & furniture products, clothing and financial services. Today there more than 1380 stores worldwide and 900 of these are located in the UK alone. They usually serve more than 30 million customers through their walk-in stores or e-commerce platform. In every retail outlet, there is probably something good about the store and something awful about the place. Here are some pros and cons associated with shopping at Marks and Spencer.



  • Most of their stores have excellent customer care representatives.
  • The price is reasonable compared to other similar stores
  • They offer quality products that are worth your money
  • They have many stores all around London
  • If you’re searching for clothes Marks and Spencer is the place to go since they have wide variety of clothes that are of good quality and fashionable
  • Some of their staffs are extremely helpful to customers
  • Their food courts have excellent selection of meals and their spacious
  • Most M&S stores are clean and well organized making it easier for customers to locate what they are searching


  • There are no varieties of foods items to choose from. They usually stock same product but different brands.
  • When you order an item, it might take longer than expected.
  • Some of their staffs are not that polite and most of the times are unwilling to assists customers.
  • Compared to its competitors the prices of some of their items is quite high
  • They usually run out of stock, and it’s possible to find empty shelves.
  • Their customer care service has deteriorated over the years.
  • When it comes to the packaging of items they are lagging behind Morrisons and Tesco which also offers email services.

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