Leon Restaurants Review

Leon Restaurants Review

The first restaurant was opened in 2004 in Carnaby Street UK by John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby who are the founders of Leon group of restaurants. It basically deals with fast foods cooking them with seasonal ingredients, healthy oils such as olive oil, fresh herbs, and spices. The restaurant has been awarded severally for their services to the UK people receiving awards such as best new restaurant in Great Britain, best quick service restaurant, UK healthiest restaurant, best company, best value restaurant operator and many others. All the same, every business has got its merits and failings. Leon’s are.



  • The staff is friendly and very professional
  • Their prices are affordable in comparison to their competitors
  • They make quality and healthy foods while looking at the wellbeing of their customers by using healthy fats
  • They have super delicious meals than most fast foods joint in the UK
  • For a takeaway, the packing is good environmental friendly as well
  • The décor is good makes the place look beautiful. It makes someone feel relaxed and brings out a fun atmosphere



  • Due to its tasty food many people usually come to dine in the place hence at peak hours, you might lack a seat since their not that spacious
  • They often serve very small portions compared to what you paying

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