Cooltrader Review

Cooltrader Review

In 2001 in Wrexham, the birth of the first Cooltrader store marked the growth of a chain of other 53 stores. Cooltrader mainly specialized in frozen foods alone. The founder of Cooltrader was Malcolm Walker who sold the business in September 2012 to Heron foods. Today heron has developed Cooltrader business and they now deal with discounted frozen foods and a wide range of dry and chilled stock.


  • They have huge range of products stocked in their stores and it’s hard to lack whatever you need in most of their stores
  • They have one of the most discounted prices in most of their products compared to other stores
  • Compared to other rival stores, Cooltrader has more variety of non-frozen products.
  • The stores are easy to navigate, and in most cases, you won’t waste your time in long queue since there are enough cashiers to serve customers
  • Cooltrader is unique store since they not only stock brand names products, but they also sell quality brands that have been imported from overseas.
  • If you love bargaining, then this is the store for you.


  • Most of their stores are smaller in size compared to other competitor stores
  • The staffs are not that helpful and even polite. You might pack your things all by yourself without any assistance from the staff
  • They usually stock similar products but different brands
  • The range of food is not that great

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