Tesco supermarket Review

Tesco supermarket ReviewThis United Kingdom based international grocery, and general merchandise merchant is the 3rd and 5th largest company measured by profits and revenues respectively. The man behind Tesco and the founder is Jack Cohen who opened the first store in 1931 and by 1940 he had more than 100 stores in the UK. Today the company... Read More »

Primark Review

Primark ReviewThis company is possessed by Associated British Foods (ABF).it deals with men, women, and kids clothes. They also have home products such as beddings and beauty products as well. Primark has over 290 stores in the United Kingdom some located at Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff, Aberdeen and London. Internationally they have stores in Europe... Read More »

Morrisons Review

Morrisons ReviewAnother review today. This is the 4th largest supermarket in the whole of United Kingdom. William Morrison is the founder of this giant supermarket in 1899 though he started it as a small store specializing in egg and butter products. Today Morrison’s has more than 570 superstores in the United Kingdom serving both millions of... Read More »

Marks and Spencer Review

Marks and Spencer ReviewMarks and Spencer are one of the biggest giants in retail in the United Kingdom with their headquarters based in Westminster London. The retailer was founded in 1884 by Michael Marks and Thomas Spenser. The multinational retailer specializes in selling of superfluity food and wine, flowers and gifts, home & furniture products, clothing and financial... Read More »

Iceland Review

Iceland ReviewThis British supermarket chain specializes in selling frozen foods, ready cooked meals, and organic vegetables. They also have a wide variety of non-frozen products such as meat, daily, produce and some dry consumer goods as well. The founder of Iceland supermarket was Malcolm Walker who in 1969 opened the first store, and today in the... Read More »

Cooltrader Review

Cooltrader ReviewIn 2001 in Wrexham, the birth of the first Cooltrader store marked the growth of a chain of other 53 stores. Cooltrader mainly specialized in frozen foods alone. The founder of Cooltrader was Malcolm Walker who sold the business in September 2012 to Heron foods. Today heron has developed Cooltrader business and they now deal... Read More »

Budgens supermarkets Review

Budgens supermarkets ReviewThe founder was a man named John Budgen who founded the supermarket in 1982. A century ago it was just a small local grocer but today the Budgens name is spread all over England serving the United Kingdom residents with quality products. Today the supermarket is part of the Booker group and has more than... Read More »

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