Yo! Sushi Review

Yo! Sushi ReviewA British business person called Simon Woodroffe bought Yo! Sushi from his own personal savings in 1977 and brought the traditional Japanese conveyor belt to the United Kingdom. In these restaurants, you will get a range of various sushi dishes and other Japanese made meals that are prepared in an open kitchen where customers can... Read More »

West Cornwall Pasty Company Review

West Cornwall Pasty Company ReviewThis is a fast food chain centered in the United Kingdom. West Cornwall Pasty company emphases in production and vending of pasties in the United Kingdom. The first shop was sprung in 1998 by Ken cocking who is the founder together with his three Sons. The family runs the business for nine years with 55... Read More »

Pret A Manger Review

Pret A Manger ReviewFounded in 1984 by Jeffrey Hyman and opening its very first shop in 1986 Pret A Manger is one restaurant in the UK that is mostly popular for its organic coffee and milk. The owner decided to create a different restaurant that identifies itself with homemade, natural foods, unlike its competitors who deal with food... Read More »

Poppies Restaurants Review

Poppies Restaurants ReviewThis restaurant it’s renowned for its fast food delicious meals in the United Kingdom. The man behind the Poppies restaurants started his long journey career in 1952 as an attendant who used to cut newspaper to wrap up fish and chips to customers. 30 years as an employee was enough time to get enough experience... Read More »

Leon Restaurants Review

Leon Restaurants ReviewThe first restaurant was opened in 2004 in Carnaby Street UK by John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby who are the founders of Leon group of restaurants. It basically deals with fast foods cooking them with seasonal ingredients, healthy oils such as olive oil, fresh herbs, and spices. The restaurant has been awarded severally for their... Read More »

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