Budgens supermarkets Review

Budgens supermarkets Review

The founder was a man named John Budgen who founded the supermarket in 1982. A century ago it was just a small local grocer but today the Budgens name is spread all over England serving the United Kingdom residents with quality products. Today the supermarket is part of the Booker group and has more than 100 stores spread all over England but owned by Budgens retailers.



  • The stores have over 2500 fresh products and other consumer related products
  • They usually have unique products that you can’t find in other similar stores
  • If you want some fresh meat head off to their outlets and you will have the best quality meat in town, that’s why they have been awarded severally
  • They have fresh organic farm produce which is grown locally by some of the be farmers
  • Whether you want seasonally available products or all season products Budgens has everything
  • Do you love fresh bread that is warm? Head over to the Budgens and you will get one.
  • The way products are arranged on the shelves in an attractive way makes it easy for customers to identify what they’re looking for much more quickly
  • The supermarket staffs are very friendly and they have great customer support



  • They have poor vegetation selection than other stores
  • Their products are in small proportions
  • They’re significantly more expensive than other supermarkets
  • The stores are usually located in areas in the United Kingdom where competition is weak thus prices of commodities tend to be way up
  • Some stores might have empty shelves which mean you might lack what you were looking for.

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