BT Review

BT Review

BT not only is the of the most popular internet providers in the United Kingdom but also one of the oldest. Being an old company in the market, you can expect that it has established their dominance by covering nearly every part of UK. They have a broad range of broadband services and TV packages for sports lovers. Have a look at merits and demerits associated with BT Company.


  • Extensive coverage in the UK. Nearly 90% of homes and business in the United Kingdom have access to BT standard broadband and 60 % have access to BT Infinity
  • They have unlimited plans in some packages. Some packages such as BT Broadband and BT Infinity offer customer’s unlimited usage. With unlimited usage that means you can stream movies, download as much as you wish and no traffic management or being over charged due to exceeding data plan.
  • You can cut cost by adding TV and phone to your broadband package. If you take up the package that is inclusive of TV and phone, the cost becomes relatively cheaper compared to purchasing from different providers. Thus you get 3 in 1 package which in the long run it’s more advantageous.
  • Abundance of extra features. BT has more than 5 million Wi-Fi hotspots scattered all over the United Kingdom and 3 million international locations. They also offer BT mobile sim which has data, texts and talk time minutes.


  • Below average customer support. The customer service is not that impressive and this is evident in the recent from the surveys that have been conducted suggesting their customer service quality has declined.
  • Fibre service has an activation fee. They charge fiber activation fee but only on BT fibre package.
  • Comes with line rental charges. You will be required to pay £18.99 per month or pay upfront and save.
  • BT Infinity isn’t available everywhere. BT fastest package thus fibre optic service is limited to certain areas and other areas it’s not.


The company competes with TalkTalk webmail, Plusnet Internet and Orange Internet.

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