Tesco & TalkTalk Internet

Tesco & TalkTalk Internet

Tesco is one of the mobile internet providers that has entered the market in a bid to prevent consumer exploitation from monopoly. They have teamed up with O2 hence they have almost a 99% network coverage in the United Kingdom. With their 4G bundles, you can be assured of superfast speeds if you’re a subscriber. However just like any other network provider Tesco has its advantages and disadvantages as analyzed below.


  • Wide coverage

With more than 4.6 million customers the company has gained trust since it has a very reliable network coverage. The company also has got more than 400 stores spread out in the United Kingdom to reach and serve customers.

  • Great Customer support

They have an award winning customer care team that will attend to your needs as soon as you launch an inquiry or a complaint. Irrespective of the hour or the day their customer care support is online 24/7 365 days in a year

  • No extra charge for roaming

As a customer whether on pay on a monthly package or pay as you go, you have the privilege to roam for free in more than 30 countries. So to those who travel quite often this company cares for you as you won’t pay any roaming charges.

  • No surprising bills

Who doesn’t hate an out of the budget bill that shocks your account? But with Tesco you can avoid such shocks by adopting to their Capped service which allows a customer to limit the number of calls, texts and data one uses. Thus it’s very rare that you can go past your monthly or daily budget.

  • They keep tariff promise

Tesco are honest with their customers as they won’t sneak customer’s tariffs up once they become subscribers.


  • Restrictive data allowances

All the tariffs have a data cap thus you’re limited on how much you can do with their internet.

  • 4G has limited coverage

Their 4G is not available everywhere. You will get it only in the main towns alone. Please note that Tesco also offers Tesco Webmail.


TalkTalk is one of the top internet providers in the UK with very good pocket-friendly packages. They usually have three packages which are simply Broadband, Fibre Medium broadband package, and large fibre package. Here are some pros and cons affiliated with this internet provider


  • Very pocket-friendly broadband options

If you’re on a budget and you don’t want to spend so much money on a broadband connection, the best option is TalkTalk. They offer the cheapest rates averaging to £22 per month for 17 Mbps, yet the speeds are similar to other providers who charge higher prices.

  • Unlimited internet & Mail

For heavy internet users such as streaming of films or downloading of movies, TalkTalk is the best since they have unlimited usage. There is no penalty or data cap regardless of how much data you use. All packages come with a very secure email service know as TalkTalk Mail.

  • Free HomeSafe software

As a customer, you are entitled to a home safe system which is free. This helps to protect your online activity from cyber criminals, malware, viruses, and spyware. As a parent, you can be able to limit what your kids are exposed to when using the internet through home safe software.


  • With basic broadband, you get no inclusive calls

TalkTalk offers no inclusive calls with their broadband option; hence you have to cater for your bill for the calls you make.

  • Poor customer service

For years now this company has been falling behind the accepted customer satisfaction rating to even shocking figures such as 50%.though they are trying to solve the issue but still not they are way below average

  • No public wi-fi

Because it’s a home based provider TalkTalk offers no Wi-Fi unlike its rivals BT and Sky who have dominated in that category. Unless you’re in your house, you can’t have access to TalkTalk internet.

  • Long Contract

Other internet providers have 12 months contract with their clients, but Talk Talk has 18 months contract which it’s a great disadvantage for those who are looking to upgrade from any package or choose another provider.

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